Hyperbole: Repetition: Alliteration: Assonance: Figurative language:

Creative Writing Task

Here is the assessment task for our Creative Writing unit. Here are some examples of setting descriptions in the Harry Potter universe.


Story time!

Here is the slide about creating your stories:

Show, Don’t Tell

Tasks: Students had to rewrite telling sentences into showing sentences using the 5 senses. The Sentences: Extra sentences:


The tasks: Pair up and demonstrate prepositions in relation to each other, identify prepositions in a supplied text and describe a scene using prepositions to start every sentence. The supplied text and highlighted prepositions: The



Tasks: Create a list of words to exaggerate the 5 senses, write a hyperbolic sentence about the start of your day, write hyperboles to describe provided images. Examples of hyperbole in literature: The Images:


Tasks: Create a list of words that your could use to personify a series of given subjects. Read through a supplied poem and identify and explain the usage of personification and write examples based off

Metaphors and Similes

The tasks: Write metaphors and similes based on life, death, home and based on the images provided in class.

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